Residencial Los Castillos

It is always important to know everything related to projects, so we created a list of frequently asked questions.

¿Are there any assurances as to the soundness of the building structures of Residencial Los Castillos?

The engineering guidelines and the structural design of the building structures at Residencial Los Castillos are conceived to conform to the standard codes set by the Dominican Republic Ministry of Public Works And Communications (MOPC), which in the case of building structures within the North Coast area, are equivalent to anti-seismic requirement standards prevailing in the state of California, USA

¿Does Residencial Los Castillos conform to norms dealing with fire hazards?

Residencial Los Castillos comply with all standard codes pertaining to fire hazards. That is to say, each building (18 apartments) has five emergency stairs system, providing each and every apartment unit with a direct path to safety. Moreover, the general roofed parking area in each building has an automatic sprinkler system for fire extinguishing. The rest of the building has provision for fire dosing canisters in the whereabouts of each apartment, in the common areas, as well as in the stairwell.

¿What is the quality of materials and accesories in each apartment unit?

The selected buildind framework that has been chosen for construction of each building of Residencial Los Castillos, make all materials and services of excelent quality according to the category of structure we have committed to.

¿Are all the apartments the same and equal to one another?

Within each building at Residencial Los Castillos there are 18 apartment units with four different apartment unit interior layout. All of them have the same amenities in four different floor plans, with an average of 1,540.92 square feet.

¿How many parking spaces per apartment unit does Residencial Los Castillos provide?

Each apartment unit is assigned one permanent individual parking space for automobiles in the general roofed parking area. This parking space is an extension of the property of the apartment unit, and cannot be occupied by any other vehicle other than those expressedly authorized by the owner(s) of the apartment unit.

¿Would there be available parking spaces for visitors of Residencial Los Castillos?

Just as it is mandated by the standards of MOPC, authorized visitors will have available parking space in a specilized area. The number of available parking speces for visitors is one per each ten apartment units at Residencial Los Castillos.

¿Would Residential Los Castillos have a stand-by power generator for those times where there will be pwer outages?

No. When Residencial Los Castillos arranged for its deployment of electricity with EDENORTE, the power utility company, it was agreed that the project would have a priviledged 24/7 electrical circuit service. As a redundant stand-by system, each apartment unit will have, pre-installed, the wiring for an inverter system.

¿Would there be constant permanent supply of potable running water?

When planning infrastructural services at Residencial Los Castillos, each building is to be provided with a 24,000 gallon capacity potable water reservoir. This is a redundant system to service the building for those moments when the water piping network requires maintenance.

But the project is served in its water needs from the city main 20” duct, which runs in an independent circuit from the smaller 4” duct servicing the remainder of the surrounding community of Los Castillos.

¿How is security implemented at Residencial Los Castillos?

Resisencial Los Castillos was conceived, from the outset, as a residential gated community, for which purpose it is to be surrounded by a perimeter architectural fence. The three accesses that have been planned to get to each building (both for vehicles and pedestrians) have a controlled access, with guard posts and pre-installed televigilance.

¿When will the tittle deed be available, once entering into the contractual phase?

Once entering into the contractual sales transaction of an apartment unit, a date is set for its turnkey delivery to its owner. At reaching that date, the buyer can pay the outstanding amount of the total price of the apartment unit, or he/she can, if it has included a financing third party of its choice in the transaction, assume the financial commitment with said institution, in which case the tittle deed of the property will be delivered to that institution.

¿Can the down payment for an apartment unit be a different percentage from the one stated?

As long as it is not less than 30%, which will be stipulated in the sales contract, the down payment amount can vary to accommodate the preference of each buyer. This is usually the case when a buyer wishes to acquire a lesser financial commitment with its financial institution.

¿If it is decicided by the buyer(s) to opt for an apartment unit using the fractional sale modality, can a large number of persons be included in the transaction?

That will depend, mostly, on the purchasing conditions set for the acquisition of an apartment unit. Generally, when the acquisition is effected through a financial institution, experience in these cases recommends that the number of fractional buyers included be no larger than three persons, which would facilitate the legal and financial paperwork of the transaction.