Financial Information

Residencial Los Castillos is a residential project at affordable prices , consisting of apartment units from 90 to 145.37 square meters each.

The acquisition of an apartment unit is made possible by the most convenient method for you.

Reserve your apartment

The reserve fee for an apartment unit in

Residencial Los Castillos is RD $100,000.00


The initial required for the acquisition of an apartment unit in Residencial Los Castillos is 30% of the total price.

This amount will be deducted from the reseve fee previously paid upon signing the unit’s purchase / sale agreement.


The remaining 70% of the total value of the sales transaction of each apartment unit of Residencial Los Castillos, is due at the time when the unit is delivered and ready for use as a home.

All payment methods are accepted – Savings or personal funds, or through a financing/banking source, in which case this third party would pay us the total amount due, and you entering into a mortgage type of financing process with that person or institution.

Fractional Sale

Fractional Sales with multiple owners for the same unit are available, the sales process is the same as a regular individual sale and specific clauses of responsibility are drawn up in the contract.