Sosúa’s history began before the arrival of its first settlers, when it was only a banana plantation with a shipping port that was later closed in the late 1930s.

During the height of the Nazi regime, a major Jewish association in the United States called DORSA drew up a plan to take in Jews in various countries, with the DR being the only one to open its doors; the island was still under the rule of a dictator named Trujillo.

It is believed that the first arrivals were in 1940, although some historians place it at the end of 1939.

Places of interest in Sosúa:

Sosúa is a dream municipality that showed its natural affection and incomparable hospitality with the arrival of Jewish colony to its coasts, its lands, its color and its nature.

Investing in Sosúa

This is the best time to invest in Sosúa, its growth and tourism is unique.

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